Language, Words and stuff… Thinking about student note-taking and phone use..

Thoughts around collective note-taking and Storify..

Fruits of the pedagogic life

I was privileged last week to teach a class on my colleague’s HM5204 New Media Literacy Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 16.22.28module here at Gloucestershire, which is part of the English Language/Linguistics area.

They are looking at the ways language responds to new, often social, media – and the way language is used in shaping those discourses we find on-line. Normally they are interested in things such as Critical Discourse Analysis, and the deployment of argumentation in on-line forums. However, last week they had to put up with my take on Social Media.

I had a lot of fun. I talked about twitter, periscope, grindr, yik yak, and things with even sillier names… We reminisced over old forms of internet use, back when we were all young.. Bebo anyone? Old enough to have asked a/s/l on IRC?

I’m not going to try and capture the detail here – but what…

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